The Learning Cycle – Interview with Muriel & Duane Elmer

The Learning Cycle - Interview with Muriel & Duane Elmer

Drs. Muriel and Duane Elmer leverage their vast experience as education professors, missionaries, trainers, and consultants to write their new book, The Learning Cycle: Insights for Faithful Teaching from Neuroscience and the Social Sciences, published by InterVarsity Press last month.

They talk to Michael Cheuk about the importance of asking good questions and active listening in teaching and coaching, and how learning is not just about recalling content, but renewing character.

Muriel and Duane Elmer

Muriel I. Elmer is a retired adjunct professor for Trinity International University where she taught in both the educational studies and the intercultural studies PhD programs.  She has also served as a missionary in South Africa.

Duane H. Elmer has taught in over seventy-five countries and has provided cross-cultural training to Fortune 500 companies, relief and development agencies, mission organizations, churches, and educational institutions.

Learn more about them here.

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