Your Life is Re-markable! – Interview with Jackie Scott

Jackie Scott is a life and leader coach who lives in Central Asia working with a faith-based organization. She talks to Michael Cheuk about her new book, Your Life is Re-markable! Becoming the you that’s free to love that reflects on her experiences of fear, loss, and living a life that is both remarkable and re-markable by the grace and transformative power of God.

Jackie Scott grew up in the US, and was captivated by God at age 12; became an RN, got her B.S., then some years later competed her M.A. in Leadership Studies.  She and her husband started their cross-cultural career in 1986 in South America. They now live in Central Asia where they are co-regional leaders for a faith-based organization.  They have 4 remarkable kids living and working in the US. Jackie is currently working on a PCC with ICF.  She guides individuals and small groups (on-line and face to face) in “journey coaching” at

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