How Much to Charge for Coaching? – Interview with Brian Miller

Brian Miller, Executive Director of Coach Approach Ministries, talks to Michael Cheuk about how to think about the value coaches bring and how much to charge for our coaching.

Brian Miller, PCC, coaches lots of leaders. With clarity and confidence, Brian’s clients lean into their strengths and become even more fruitful. Serving as the Executive Director for Coach Approach Ministries, Brian now leads the charge in helping bring CAM’s vision to reality through day-to-day execution and strategic direction. Looking to Jesus as his guide, Brian heads up Coaching Clarity, where he loves to train coaches who change individual lives and communities. He has been married for over 25 years to the love of his life, Danelle, and they have three wonderful children. They reside in Casey, IL.


  1. Ken Jones Reply

    Watched the entire video. Your insight about ‘what the market will bear’ and the self-talk issues was very helpful. I appreciated your perspectives. I think you could have fleshed out a bit more the differences between ‘ministry’ cultured or focused coaching, and ‘executive’ coaching with regard to what pricing standards might look like. As a PCC, I know I’m offering a deeper level of coaching. It would have been good to hear your perspective on what you charge, personally. Just an observation. Thanks for all you do for coaching, brother.

  2. Katrina Session Reply

    Great interview! Thank you for sharing your initial feelings on starting to charge for clients.
    It was good to hear the mindsets of both of you.

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