Awareness of Rank and Power – Interview with Gavin Shaskolsky

Rank and Power is part of the backdrop of all our relationships — in our family, in our society, at work, at church, etc. An awareness of rank and power — as a coach and in our clients — is crucial in creating a culture in which individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities can bring their whole selves and strengths to advance a common cause and greater good. Global leadership coach Gavin Shaskolsky talks to Michael Cheuk about how an awareness of one’s rank and power can be used in the service of one’s clients and other relationships.

Gavin Shaskolsky

Gavin Shaskolsky is a strategic and results-focused coach with extensive experience at executive and senior levels in business. He enjoys transforming and leveraging people’s capability, and helping leaders manage their energy and effectiveness through insightful and impactful conversations. Gavin has coached in over 60 countries across 6 continents in multiple industries. He’s an active leader in Cape Town, South Africa, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Learn more about Gavin at and on LinkedIn.

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