Letter from the Editor – Summer 2014

Letter from the Editor – Summer 2014
by Chad Hall, MCC

Our society seems to prize busyness as a badge of honor or as a mark of meaningfulness for martyrs bent on sacrificially making a difference. Let’s be honest, when someone asks, “How are you?” and we reply, “I’m really busy!” what we are often saying (to them and to ourselves) is, “I’m important.”

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From the Current Edition

The Philosophy of 21st Century Coaching The Philosophy of 21st Century Coaching
by Blanche Wallace

Introduction This article defines the concept of coaching, identifies two dominant coaching platforms and answers the question, “What can coaching do for an organization when used as a leadership development option?” Included within the discussion is an examination of an effective coaching strategy based upon Acts 3: 1-9 and suggestions for developing 21st coaching strategies.
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Questions for When a Pastor is Preparing  to Leave Questions for When a Pastor is Preparing to Leave
by Chad Hall, MCC with Bob Thompson, D.Min.

Life is full of transitions, and perhaps no transition is more difficult for a pastor to manage than when he or she considers transitioning to a new place of service.  Transitions are best handled through conversation – talking it through with others.  But a pastor who is considering (or preparing for) a call to another
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Elevator Speech Elevator Speech
by R. Keith White

  As a new coach, I am busy developing a marketing plan. Perhaps some of the readers of this magazine can recall being in this unenviable position. As coaches we recognize the value of our profession, we have trained and earned our credentials, and we have a deep-rooted desire to help others. If the marketing
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In Business

Helping Clients Build Deep Values into a Business Helping Clients Build Deep Values into a Business
by Carl Dierschow

Here’s the story of what most companies do:  deliver products and services, build a loyal customer base, and make as much money as possible.  Eventually
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In Ministry

Moving Congregations Forward Through the Coach Approach: Deepening Ownership and Leadership of New Dreams in Your Church
by Eddie Hammett, PCC

Pastor Joe’s call was unexpected but very significant.  Joe had been at the same church for 8 years, the church had been doing well but now things were plateaued, members were getting anxious over numbers and morale was plummeting. He was looking for solutions and had heard about my work as a church and clergy
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Four Essential Elements of Coaching Communication Four Essential Elements of Coaching Communication
by Joddi-Jay Babcock

Many coaching articles focus on the skills of intentional listening and powerful questioning. These are, indeed, vital to the coaching process and set coaching apart from other leadership relationships. However without effective communication, coaching lacks the power to move clients forward. Here are four essential elements to incorporate and develop in order to boost your
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Profession of Coaching

Should You Hire a Coach? Should You Hire a Coach?
by Bill Florin

Coaching is a growing industry, with more organizations and individuals hiring these professionals to help them improve performance. But what does a coach do and how do they do it? What should one consider when hiring a coach? In this conversational article based on interviews with four professional coaches from around the United States, I
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