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Be the Best Part of Their Day: Unleashing the Power of Leadership Connection, Engagement, and Unity with Dr. David Schreiner

Have you ever witnessed the transformative power of a leader who truly connects with their people? Dr. David Schreiner, joins us to unravel the art of leadership communication and presence. His journey reveals the critical shift from underperformance to excellence through the power of attentive engagement.

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Divinely Orchestrated: The Journey to Transforming My Coaching Business Model

My wife ran out of her office in a low-key state of panic. “We have to go…NOW. I’ll explain in the car.” Two days prior, our daughter’s pediatrician ordered labs because the whites of her eyes had turned yellow. Just moments before we left home, he called with the lab results and instructed us to take our twelve-year-old to the emergency room.

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