CCMag Sampler Page

Below are a sample of articles published in the last ten years…

Your Coaching Is a Gift: Expect Life to Test It and You – Marie Trotter

When Your “Coaching Client” is Your Ninety-Year Old Mother – Kelly McClelland

What is the Biblical Basis for Coaching? Part 1 – Phil Newell

Tips for Running a Successful Coaching Practice – Bryan Pettet and Laura-Catherine Etheridge

Learning Leadership Agility: The Authentic Leader’s Dilemma – Patrick Williams and Doug McKinley

The Philosophy of 21st Century Coaching – Blanche Wallace

Helping Clients Build Deep Values into a Business – Carl Dierschow

The Secret Power of Effective Feedback – John Chasteen

Timothy Gallwey – Carol Adams

Change Your questions, Change Your Church – J. Val Hastings

The Coach Approach to Preaching – Paul Thome

How Coaching Become a Practice and a Profession? – Anna Jackson

Asking & Listening Catalytic Coaching Competencies – Part One – Kirk Kirland

Moving from ACC to PCC to MCC – Linda Miller