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  1. Myles Calvin Reply

    I am a member of CCNI and am supposed to register for the free subscription but cannot see how to do that. The subscription requires payment.


  2. margaret johnson Reply

    Has the November issue come out yet? I subscribed in September, but I only see the October issue when I log on.
    Thanks for your help,
    Margaret Johnson

    • Michael Cheuk Reply

      Hi Margaret. We publish four times a year, and our next issue will come out early January. So stay tuned!

  3. Jessica Reid Reply

    Good afternoon! Are you accepting article submissions to be published? I would love to submit an article.

    Have a great day!
    Jessica Reid

  4. Thomas Kenyon Reply

    I’m confused: right above the ‘Welcome Thomas’ note it says ‘Welcome Subscriber’, yet just below that it offers – Subscribe Today. Wondering which it is; am I a subscriber or not at this time. (I will become one if I am not currently as soon as I get this clarified.) Thanks!!

    • caministries Post authorReply


      Sorry for the delay – I was on a cruise when this came through and I just dropped the ball.
      You are currently listed as a Registered User, which means you have access to all the archived material on the site.
      For access to the current content, you’ll need to subscribe. (I know it’s a bit confusing because our software uses the term “subscriber” for either status)

      Let me know if you need any further clarification.

      Bill Copper

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